Yes, I’m building a brand new site to incorporate all my activities, and hopefully bringing back all the bast handcappers to our Top Cappers Forum!

Hello world!

It’s ALIVE!!!!  Brand new web server is rockin’ & rollin’!  Plenty of work to do yet, particularly bringing back the Top Cappers Forum.  Any ideas, thoughts, comments, feel free to post in the blog!!

Well be better than ever!!


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NEW YORK Paul Pierce stared straight ahead, an occasional smile or laugh interrupting the otherwise distant look on his face. Pierce said it was difficult to leave the city where he d spent his entire career. He appeared dazed at times while listening to questions and answers, even having to ask for one to be repeated while trying to fight his way out of a fog..

USA TODAY Thousands of passengers at John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport in New York City were forced to evacuate late Sunday after a passenger told police she saw a man with a gun in one of the terminals, New York media reported. ET, the woman told an officer about the alleged gunman, leading police to hunt for an armed man, the New York Post reported.

Now we are together and she cant do without me,and both of us are happy. I feel so happy sharing this testimony because there was no negative act attached to his work. His work was smooth and fast. What a weirdo. Total loser. Spez: men do save the day.

Engineers at NVIDIA (notably Scott LeGrand) have come up with a theory for the EUE’s seen in core 1.15 (and a few others in the 1.15 to 1.18 range) on certain hardware. They found that this core had code optimizations that drove the GPU so hard that it would draw a lot more electricity (one sign of this was running hotter). In some boxes, this was too much electricity and this lead to numerical instabilities.

Get Strava on your phone, find a local segment, and measure your time against it. There is nothing more motivating than seeing your average speed creep up, or smashing out a PB over a segment.Keep your bike in good nick. You should be cleaning the chain every 200km or so, the cassette every 500km or so (or more often if you are riding in wet muddy conditions), and make sure to get it serviced if it creaking or if something doesn feel right.

Under the proposal, concrete from sites that are under DEP oversight because of contamination of any kind would be subject to testing before being sent to a recycling center. Concrete for disposal would not have to be tested. As almost any site could be viewed as having DEP oversight, the proposal is far reaching..

“You want it to be something that you’re extremely proud of. In a way iphone cases, it’s a legacy that you pass on to future generations,” Ferrari said. “People who have been successful in real estate, I think they kind of enjoy passing the torch a little bit. Worry about the game when it that time, but right now it about consoling one of the leaders of our team who this means more to him than anything. Team announced Saturday that the five time All Star was diagnosed with an injury to the plantar plate of his right big toe. Griffin left Game 3 with 3:18 remaining in the second quarter after landing awkwardly following a transition layup.

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Wouldn say self made, I had a lot of help, but hard work, dedication and determination, Wallace said. Giving up, willing to sacrifice my body, willing to sacrifice my time just to help the team be successful. I just want people to know I came out, regardless of what the situation is iphone case, if it turned out in the Pistons favor that was good and if it didn just know I worked as hard as I possibly can every moment I stepped out on that floor.

Eric Brian Brown, 45, was charged with kidnapping Ashanti Billie, 19, who was reported missing Sept. 18 after she failed to show up for work at a fast food restaurant on Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Norfolk, Virginia. Her body was found Sept.

I guess you can cheat the process. 1 point submitted 1 month agoI would say VOB BIB if you can find it where you are. The 1.75 is 25 dollars by me. You as the consumer control the profits of the corporations. EA is a good example, they fucked up, the community and it fucked up their stock. Now the burden is on them to do the responsible thing and produce quality content if they want us to purchase their products.

More from the campaign trailGeorge Clooney, feels confident that America won’t elect Trump, whothinks he’s Batman(USA TODAY)Hillary Clinton hates Bernie bros, needs Bernie bros (USA TODAY)Sanders plays well on South Dakota reservation (Argus Leader)Harry Reid: If Mitch McConnell likes Trump, ‘we can only assume he agrees with Trump’s view that women are dogs’ (USA TODAY)Former Trump butler said Obama should be shot. Wait. What? (USA TODAY)Get ready for (one, maybe two?) decades of constant Ted Cruz burnsMemo to Ted Cruz: You may be out of the 2016 race.

Two months later, the rest of the family was interned in

A trained physicist, conservator and art historian, Eastaugh gained global fame for his role in unmasking a 16 million euro ( million) forgery scandal in Germany in 2010. His company Art Analysis Research investigates around 200 paintings a year. But his deeper interest is in bringing a scientific, transparent approach to the art world a world notorious for inside deals and the snap judgements of all powerful connoisseurs.”I’m a physicist.

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